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I am a law professor at the University of San Diego married to Jeanne, a physician at Scripps Clinic. We have 4 boys, 16, 14, 11 and 4 months, 2 labradors, and miscellaneous reptiles, amphibians and insects. We live in the country east of San Diego in a somewhat eccentric community called Jamul (Hah-MOOL-- indian for 'bad water', and it is). Hobbies include various kid stuff, keeping fit, climbing, lifting, dogs, more kid stuff, nature generally. I have started a company along with some very dedicated Italian computer engineers and bold investors called PreCYdent, which is applying computer science to law. We have lived in Jamul for about 15 years. My politics tend toward the right, I'm a Catholic, I worked in the Reagan adminstration, write mostly in the corporate law area and law and empirical studies. Some colleagues and I have a blog called The Right Coast.


family, books, politics, philosophy, economics, law, outdoor stuff, especially mountains, dogs, general fitness, science, raising boys, movies, the usual.